Generation M(obile)

Mobile usage is exploding the next couple of years, a direct result of the emergence of smartphones. No one will argue against it – it’s a fact of life, non-disputable by even the most hard-knocked defender of the old ways. Go past the fold to see the stats.

Mobile interaction and payment agency mBlox have unleashed the below infographic (coincidentally also a great example on how not to design an infographic) on mobile usage for consumers in the 18-24 year old range. These are the people shaping our future and marketing agencies better take heed of the new world order. A relevant study, if I ever saw one.

Hideous colorway, clusterfuck Unfortunate color scheme, visual flow problems, and cluttering of information aside, the infographic contains extremely relevant information.

Please note that more than half (54%) want ways to opt out of promotional material. Looks like the freemium app model is here to stay. Also, notice the discrepancy of not wanting brands to know consumer location and the related importance of offers being nearby (66%/30%). Looks like an area of marketing that still needs to find the right model. Again, opt-in/opt-out issues seem to be important.

Also notable: a staggering 89% spend 1-5 hours on their smartphone. Thats 9 out of every 10 consumers (sic), completely solidifying what we all know – Internet usage of old is slowly going the way of the dodo.

Security concerns seem to be rampant too. Nearly 50% worry about either phishing and leaking of personal information. The up-and-rising generation seems extraordinarily well informed on scams when surfing the interwebs. Remembering how deftly Anonymous and other hacking groups are infiltrating large corporations, concerns seem to be mounting at an early age. About time consumers educate themselves in these areas.

What do you make of all this? Full details below.

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